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Group AENG-4-MBA Ngoc Thu Truc Bui, Hoai Thuong Dang, Cuong Dao, Thuy Hang Dao, Thi Kim Lien Dinh, Thi Thien Ha Dinh, Thuan Ho, Thanh Toan Le, Thi Thu Hien Le, Minh Tri Nguyen, Thi My Linh Nguyen, Thi Thuy Bac Nguyen, Thuy Nguyen, Tran My Duyen Nguyen, Tuong Chau Nguyen , Van Cong Nguyen, Van Luat Nguyen, Vy Nguyen, Thi Hai Ly Pham, Van Tien Dung Pham, Tam Phan, Thanh Quang Phan, Nguyen Ha Dung Ta, Luu Hong Phuong Tran, Thi Hue Tran, Thi Kim Dao Tran, Thi Tuyet Mai Tran, Minh Vuong Vo, Tuan Anh Vo, Thi Huyen Thanh Vu, Cong Hoa Vuong 31
Group BENG-4-MBA Vo Kim Quyen Bui, Thi Huong Giang Chu, Kim Thanh Duong, Thu Hang Ha, Ha Hoang, Quoc Huy Hoang, Thi Thu Thao Huynh, Huu Tam Le, Thi My Yen Le, Thuong Le, Thanh Tu Luong, Thi Song Huong Luu, Diem Ngo, Anh Nguyen, Cong Minh Nguyen, Du Nguyen, Minh Toan Nguyen, Thi Thuy Nhan Nguyen, Thi Truc Vy Nguyen, Thi Tu Anh Nguyen, Hiep Nguyen Hoang, Phuong Loan Nguyen Thi, Quang Dai Pham, Xuan Do SBI Support Team, My Long Su, Toan Lam Thua, Dieu Linh Tran, Hanh Nguyen Tran, Phung Tran, Thi Loc Tran, Hanh Van 31
Group CENG-4-MBA Thi Le Bui, Le Thien Truc Cao, Van The Dang, Phan Thi Thao Doan, Thi Thao Ha Doan, Thanh Ha, Luu Viet Mi Huynh, Ly Minh Trang Huynh, Thi Thanh Truc Huynh, Thi Truc An Huynh, Dinh Quan Le, Thi Bich Tram Le, Dong Thien Nguyen, Hue Nguyen, Huynh Anh Thu Nguyen, Le Bich Hang Nguyen, Minh Hien Nguyen, Nga Nguyen, Ngoc Phuong Thuy Nguyen, Phi Van Nguyen, Thi Hai An Nguyen, Thi Lai Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Dung Nguyen, Thi Oanh Kieu Nguyen, Thi Tham Nguyen, Tien Nguyen, Linh Trang Ta, Chau Tran, Manh Duc Tran, Thi Y Nhi Tran, Luong Khanh Nhi Vu 31
Group DENG-4-MBA Thi Ngoc Anh Bach, Thuy Trinh Cao, Thi Bich Nghiem Do, Thi Thanh Hang Doan, Hanh Ho, Thi Minh Tam Ho, Thi Quynh Tan Hoang, Christian Kanesan, Binh Le, Nguyen Anh Thu Le, Thi Huyen Le, Thi Kim Hien Le, Thi Thuong Le, Tinh Lo, Hoang Anh Duy Nguyen, Hung Nguyen, Mai Nguyen, Manh Cuong Nguyen , Thi My Hoa Nguyen, Thi Nha Truc Nguyen, Thi Thao Vi Nguyen, To Tra My Nguyen, Tran Yen Nhy Pham, Van Anh Pham, Thi Tuyet Mai Phan, Duc Tuan Tran, Linh Tran, Thi Anh Tran, Hieu Truong, Thao Van, Nguyen Thanh Thu Vo 31
Group EENG-4-MBA YourViet Books, Hoang Truc Bui, Thu Hang Do, Uyen Doan, Anh Duong, Thi Yen Nhi Ho, Ngoc Minh Ly Huynh, Thi Hai Yen Huynh, Anh Nhat Thu Le, Nhu Y Le, Ha Phuong Thao Nguyen, Huynh Nguyen, Man Nguyen, Quoc Dung Nguyen, Robert Nguyen, Suong Nguyen, Tan Tai Nguyen, Thanh Nguyen, Thi Mai Anh Nguyen, Thi Tuyet Trinh Nguyen, Trang Nguyen, Van Luan Nguyen, Tuan Pham, Ngoc Phuong Hai Phan, Thi Hoai Diem Phan, Ha Phung, Thi Diem My Ta, Dieu Uyen Nhi Tran, Thanh Ha Tran, Thi Nhu Ngoc Tran, Viet Cuong Trieu 31
Group FENG-4-MBA Thi Hong Tham Dinh, Thi Tra My Dinh, Ngoc Duong, Anh Tu Hoang, Mai Hoa Hoang, Thanh Quang Huynh, Thi Bich Chi Huynh, Chau Le, Thi Ha Phuong Le, Thi Nha Uyen Le, Van Quoc Thinh Ngo, Bao Hoa Nguyen, Dang Tay Tra Nguyen, Ha Ngoc Diep Nguyen, Hoang Hiep Nguyen, My Nguyen, Ngoc Khanh Vi Nguyen, Phu Qui Nguyen, Thanh Danh Nguyen, Thi Hien Nguyen, Thi Thanh Hoa Nguyen, Thi Thuy Dung Nguyen, Thi Van Anh Nguyen, Tien Dat Nguyen, Truong Son Nguyen, Tran Ngoc My Pham, Trang Pham, Huu Duc Tran, Phu Tran, Duong Truong 30
Group GENG-4-MBA Nang Anh Dang, Vu Hoai Giang Dao, Nguyen Anh Bang Doan, Student 2 HEG, Thi Thanh Ho, Mai Hoang, Huu Phuc Le, Quang Tri Nhan Le, Hoang Tung Nguyen, Hong Diem Phuong Nguyen, Huu Phuoc Duyen Nguyen, Kim Qui Nguyen, Minh Thanh Nguyen, My Nguyen, Thi Hai Hang Nguyen , Thi Kieu Hoa Nguyen, Thi Yen Linh Nguyen, Van Chau Nguyen, Thi Quynh Hoa Pham, Thi Thu Trang Pham, Tuyen Pham, Hoang Quang, Thi Quynh Nhu Ta, Van Dat Thai, Hanh Tran, Thi Thuy Duong Tran, Phong Tran Duy, Phuoc Truong, Thi Lan Huong Truong, Ngo Quy Vuong 30
Group HENG-4-MBA Thi Mai Phuong Bui, Trong Phu Bui, Cam Doan, Thi Hoai Duc Ho, Hai Nhan Hoang, Thi Trang Hoang, Bao Nhi Hong, Ioana-Cristina Hritcu, Hồ Thị Hồng Hương, Mai Huynh, Thi Quy Thuan Huynh, Thuy Tien Huynh, Chi Le, Cong Thanh Le, Thi Van Le, Thi Huyen Trang Mai, Hien Nguyen, Quynh Nguyen, Thi Loan Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Ngan Nguyen, Thi Thao Nguyen, Thi Yen Nguyen, Thuy Anh Nguyen, Hoang Quan Pham, Ung Quoc To, Khoa Tran, Loan Tran, Phuong Thao Tran, Venus Truong, Thanh Sang Vo 30
Group IENG-4-MBA Le Vuong Dang, Nguyet Thu Ha Dang, Thanh Tu Doan , Hang Anh Duong, Lan Hoang, Tan Dat Huynh, Thanh Tuyen Huynh, Huong Lan, Tran Nhat Anh Le, Nguyen Diem Phuc Ngo, Ha Thanh Nguyen, Hoang Lan Anh Nguyen, Ngoc Nguyen, Thanh Vinh Nguyen, Thi Thuy Nguyen, Thi Thuy Duong Nguyen, Thi Tram Huong Nguyen, Huyen Trang Pham, Le Quang Pham, Van Minh Pham, Hang Phan, Kim Thanh Phuc Phan, Le Quoc Bao Phan, Dinh Phu Ta, Kevin Tran, Thi Phuong Thao Tran, Van Quan Tran, Quy Trinh, Tuan Dung Truong, Hoang Tuan Vu 30
Group JENG-4-MBA Bao An, Ngoc Luu Bui, Minh Thao Chu, Thi Phuong Thao Dao, Thao Do, Hanh Hanh, Student 3 HEG, Anita Hoang, Giang Hoang, Thi Quynh Trang Le, Vu Que Tran Le, Kim Lien Ngo, Anh Nguyen, Bich Van Nguyen, Duc Hoa Nguyen, Huu Than Nguyen, Huy Thanh Nguyen, Lan Vy Nguyen, Minh Nguyen, Minh Tien Nguyen, Ngoc Mai Nguyen, Thi Bao Tran Nguyen, Thi Thu Hao Nguyen, Thu Nguyen, Huy Cuong Pham , Thi Linh Pham, Vinh Loc Quach, Thi Diem Trinh Tran, Tony Hung Tran, Thi Hong Ha Vo 30
Group KENG-4-MBA Hoang Tuong Vi Cao, Sang Cao, Thi Thao Cao, Nguyen Thanh Ngan Chau, Ngoc Bich Dang, Thi Anh Thu Dao, Thu Trang Dinh, Ngoc Diem Huynh, Bao Tin Le, Thi Huyen Le, Kim Hong Ngo, An Hoa Nguyen, Hoang Anh Nguyen, Hong Hat Nguyen, Huynh Cuc Nguyen, Phuc Nguyen, Thi Bao yen Nguyen, Thi Doan Nguyen, Thi Thao Vy Nguyen, Truc Nguyen, Van Tuyen Nguyen, Viet Tung Nguyen, Thi Tu An Pham, Trang Pham, Vuong Hai Phuong Pham, Hanh Phan, Thi Thu Thao Tran, Vo Nguyen Thu Tran, Thi My Hoai Van, Thi Lan Huong Vo 30
Group LENG-4-MBA Sameh Bendhaou, Anh Tu Bui, Thi Thanh Huyen Ha, Thi Thanh Thuy Ha, Student 1 HEG, Hai Yen Ho, Thi Que Huong Hoang, Thi Thu Thao La, Pham Hong Oanh Le, Thi Oanh Le, Thu Phuong Mai, Thi Hong Duong Ngo, Hieu My Thu Nguyen, Hong Nga Nguyen, Huong Nguyen, Phuoc Tan Nguyen, Thanh Dam Nguyen , Thanh Kim Dieu Nguyen, Thi Anh Thi Nguyen, Thi Mai Hong Nong, Duy Sy Phan, Quang Dung Phan, Minh Tuan Phung, Tuan Phung, Dat Tien, Mai Duyen Tran, Tin Tran, Trinh Tran, Thi Thu Hien Truong, Thi Hoang Vu

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Welcome to our Forum @SBI Training Solutions Learning Center. We provide online solutions for your educational needs, from pre-MBA English to research methodology and writing skills, and offer many forum discussions where you can get tips on successful learning strategies, job opportunities, personal coaches for online or in-person assistance, and other accompaniment services with a personal touch. For Vietnamese: Hướng dẫn học trực tuyến, Cơ hội hợp tác giành cho giảng viên và nghiên cứu sinh, Học bổng toàn cầu, Giới thiệu một số trường đại học, YourVietnamExpert (YVE) Network, xem trang https://hocmba.degree

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