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Note #2. Back to Square One – Count Your Blessings
by Anita H. posted on her profile on LinkedIN:


Dear Old and New Friends on LinkedIN,

My opening message started yesterday got 69 readers and 2 personal emails. Encouraging, isn’t it?
I remember some years ago, when I first tried out to blog on, I was eagerly checking constantly how many hits I got a day. It started with 200, then 500, then 1000, etc. and now has reached around 57000 hits, but I am no more checking it as eagerly as in the first days. I guess other people are reacting the same way with money: for the first million or two they have on their savings account, they would check how fast they can multiply this capital, but when the number gets to over hundred millions or even more, one or two more does not matter so much any more. The challenge is how to keep moving ahead, because it proves that the project is still alive.

My business partner was wondering what objectives (he meant business returns) I was expecting from this blogging business, and I replied to him: NOTHING, just FUN. True, through this exercise, I got thousands of friends who joined me on LinkedIn, and later Facebook, and sent me very nice messages. Of course, it is not just numbers, because behind every name, there is a REAL life story, a REAL struggle which I wish to discovery one-by-one, if time and circumstances allow me to do so.

Lately, I have been active on my pages on Facebook, with, promoting yourvietbooks postings. I also started another page for the promotion of distance education named in Vietnamese for potential candidates, besides the one in English named where I promote Swiss and European Education. I guess at some stages I got about 22’000 hits for certain posts. And of course, I feel like Mussolini standing on his balcony, addressing his speeches to the roaring crowd, ha ha.

Indeed, it is real shere pleasure to see the results of what you are trying to accomplish, and digital media allows you to do that at the tip of your fingers.

Well, you wonder why I name this series of blog: “Back to Square One – A New Turning Point”?

I think if you want to know my life story of struggle through life, you will have to wait for my book to come out. In a nutshell, my book is about the impermanence of life: it seems to me that our life is spent searching around for values we are told would bring us SUCCESS. We start at Square One, going through errors and trials, we try to achieve what we think should bring us happiness through success. At the end of the cycle, we are Back to Square One, starting for a new search, thus a new cycle. My book title is therefore: Back to Square One…

My message in this book is that we come to this world with the expectations from our parents who prepared us with a heavy baggage of cultural values which sometimes does not match the realities of life. Through our ego, the self, we expect a lot of things to come our way, and if they do not, we work our way to get them, forgetting sometimes the present happiness, breaking up a lot of relationships because of our own impatience, or non-tolerance, setting high expectations to ourselves and our entourage, and leaving no space for unexpected events.

We think we can go faster by speeding up, but the result is that the more we speed up the faster the cycle closes down, and then we are back to square one. Our relentless ambition pushing through, we start yet another cycle, maybe with a different formula, but the result would be also the same, that is back to square one, with all the set of feelings while going through the cycle… to finally find ourselves at the same status as before we started. And what is it behind all that: greed, hatred and delusion, according to the Buddha, those are the main motivations that push us to try and retry again, creating a new cycle.

Coming to understand these values, I start to realize that the main key to success is happiness, which is the greatest accomplishment in life: how to be contented with what we receive from the universe and other living beings and find blessings for each of these gifts. To be grateful of the life that is given to us, with all the possibilities to share with other beings our blessings. and not to run after utopia values.

Every new day is for me a new turning point. Every new encounter is for me a blessing. And every new step ahead is bringing me nearer to the real essence of Life.


Have a nice day,

Anita H.

You may join her on LinkedIN: See

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