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ENG-4-MBA Week-4 Translation Assignment

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Note #4. Back to Square One, A New Turning Point – Finding the Right Audience
by Anita H. posted on her profile on LinkedIN:


Dear LinkedIN friends,

Incredible, I think I hit the jackpot in communication! Thank you ALL, my LinkedIN friends!

For years, I was targeting the wrong audience, by communicating massively on Facebook, instead of LinkedIN. Indeed, I was posting regularly recommendations on useful readings on Books on Vietnam under my Facebook page:

Well, the results seemed to be encouraging, as I got around 2800 likes within a few months. Also, many people joined me as friends on my personal facebook page. So, within no time, I got over 1000 friends, among whom I count numerous friends whom I have met personally while working in Vietnam, and many others, through friends of friends.

For the past 3 years, I have been trying to raise the interest of my new FB friends on useful educational websites and other subjects of interest. I noticed one thing: my FB audience tends to click “like” to acknowledge reception of the message. It does not mean that they REALLY LIKE my postings. And it is really rare to have a comment, showing their personal appreciation and real feedback on your messages.

On the other hand, my Vietnamese audience loves pictures or stories on real life experience, for example, my photos on my way to work passing through a Geneva park, or some excerpts of my book. One day, I got the good idea to post a Happy Chinese New Year and boosted it with a FB Ad. Wow, I got 11’000 likes in ONE day, at the cost of only 5 USD for the exercise. And since then, my Facebook took off…

However, I have no illusions, FB fans are there for just social encounters. No way to get any serious exchange. But the exercise was useful for me, as I used my messages to build myself a daily – or more exactly – a weekly habit of posting on Saturdays, and be sure to share with “my” audience “my” week.

I think for most Vietnamese youths, FB has become their “meeting point”. I notice at any time of the day – or night – I am sure to get some “likes” to any of my comments. So for those who suffer a crisis of solitude, learn Vietnamese to communicate with the Vietnamese audience, and you are sure to get some kind of feedback. In that way, YOU WILL NEVER FEEL ISOLATED.

Oh yeah, why am I using LinkedIN to explain my communication on FB? Well, since I started this blog “BTSO – A New Turning Point”, I have the pleasure to note that I got around 100 views per postings, and my profile is ranked among the top 2% of the profiles with the same professional skills. Isn’t it a good sign of encouragement?

Thank you to all LinkedIN connections who have viewed my profile. And thank you for all who have written nice messages with proposals of collaboration to me.

I feel inspired and encouraged to share with you some more of my findings on my doctoral research. Take a few seconds to visit my blog Your comments are welcomed.

For the moment, I am following the series on “Les théoriciens de l’économie – Marx, Hayek et Keynes”, an excellent documentary (in French) on the most prominent economists whose theories have made a tremendous impact on how governments tackle issues pertaining to the global crisis.

The series on “Reading Marx’s Capital with Professor David Harvey” may also be useful to those interested to dig further on the topic.


Till next time,

Anita H.
Join Anita H. on LinkedIN: See her profile:

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