Message to users who registered between 27 October to 15 November 2014 for intake 02-14 starting on 25 November 2014. smiley_hello

We have received the admission documents and will proceed further for your full enrolmen with Please view update released on 22.11.2014. Thank you.

SBI Learning Center

Dear Students,

This is to confirm that your pre-registration has been approved. Please consult our ID user listing updates to find locate your user ID.

To LOG-IN: username  sbitrainee.(your USER-ID) and password : SBItrainee1$£ (to change after log-in).

GO-TO-CLASS : You may now access to our e-College platform on


To receive an official letter of acceptance which allows you to transfer your earned credits to the MBA recommended by SBI Training Solutions program within a partnership with a local university in South East Asia, please make sure that you have uploaded the following documents on to your personal folder and signed up to different platform recommended by



1. Application Form with your full details and passport photo;
2. CV and diplomas and employment references;
3. IMPORTANT: Letter of Motivation stating the reasons why you choose the MBA;
4. Join SKYPE GROUP: ENG-4-MBA. Join anhtho.andres…

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Welcome to our Forum @SBI Training Solutions Learning Center. We provide online solutions for your educational needs, from pre-MBA English to research methodology and writing skills, and offer many forum discussions where you can get tips on successful learning strategies, job opportunities, personal coaches for online or in-person assistance, and other accompaniment services with a personal touch. For Vietnamese: Hướng dẫn học trực tuyến, Cơ hội hợp tác giành cho giảng viên và nghiên cứu sinh, Học bổng toàn cầu, Giới thiệu một số trường đại học, YourVietnamExpert (YVE) Network, xem trang

User-ID and ENG-4-MBA Group details requested for reply

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