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How did i used to use Facebook? by Phuong Hoang

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Congrats, Phuong Hoang. You have made a lot of progress in your thinking and acting as well. That was the main idea when I set up this course: to encourage each of you to have your own space. Not to be in the supermarket trying to grap the latest promotion. What you described is the Facebooks syndrome and I see it clearly from FB Vietnamese Community. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Prof Anh Tho Andres.

Phuong Hoang

How did i used to use Facebook?

I used to be a FB detective.

When i turned on my laptop, FB was my home page. It was always already for my time online. When i worked, when i studied, it obviously spent a tab for Facebook, always. What a big treat, huh?!

Every now now and then, whenever i saw numbers on Facebook tab – a sign on Facebook that you receive comments or likes. I stopped working to check what they are. It is able to accept, in some case, if i turned to my work as soon as i did. But, it did not. I saw some self-file pictures of my friends, I saw some albums about their trips about wonderful destinations, I saw some recommendations about celebrities, some gossips appeared in front of my eyes, which my hand cannot stop clicking through all of them.

I absorbed…

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