How to deal with my fear?

Excellent, Thu Huong. I understand how you feel and appreciate that you have voiced it out. Cheers. Prof Anh Tho Andres.

Thu Hương Nguyễn

This article is inspired by a post from Prof. Anh Tho. You can find the link here:…/…/phep-la-that-su.html

Well, the truth is I have many fears. When I was a kid, I was panic if I got a bad mark. I am scared when my teacher told me to take my parents’ signatures. I am very scared and I fake it. Well, sometimes all the things go smoothly, but sometimes not. :). When I was at the twelve grade, my biggest fear is that I can not pass the entrance exam to go to the University. I can see it in my dream, in my vibrated fingers when I am doing my real exam. Now I am frightened by my thoughts that I am maybe left behind when others’s going forward.

I just translated an article from Ms. Anh Tho. You can find it here


The main idea of…

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