Dissertation Assignment #4

Dissertation Assignment Question: Environment in Human Resource Management

1.         Your company, a growing firm in the financial services industry, is extremely sensitive to the issues surrounding business ethics. The company wants to be proactive in developing a business ethics training program for all employees both to ensure the company’s reputation as an ethical company in the community and to help maintain the industry’s high standards. As the HR Director and someone who values the importance of having all employees trained in the area of business ethics, you are in charge of developing the ethics training program. It needs to be a basic program that can be presented to all employees in the company. Resources for business ethics information can be found at http://www.business-ethics.org/primer1.html.

1.1.    What legislative act prompted many U.S. companies to develop internal ethical policies and procedures?

1.2.    What are key concepts related to business ethics that should be considered in the development of the ethics training program?

2.  Case Study: Chapter 2, p 68 “Pioneers in HR Analytics”. Answer the following questions:

2.1. What are some reasons that more organizations do not implement HR analytics? How would you make the case for adopting HR analytics?

2. How can HR professionals develop the needed skills to analyze and interpret metrics? What resources could an HR professional consult to begin building expertise in this area?

3. The leadership in your company has changed as the result of a merger of your company with another company. The other company provides services similar to those provided by your company; however, the workforce demographic varies from that of your existing employees. For instance, the other company in the merger has a culture that recognizes and supports domestic partners. You have received a request to prepare a Diversity Initiative Plan. As HR Manager, you are aware that your existing employees will have issues and concerns and that you will need to institute some new policies, practices, and procedures. A resource for information on developing a Diversity Initiative Plan and diversity training is http://www.diversitycentral.com.

3.1. What should the plan include?

3.2. What diversity training programs should be offered to assist the employees of both companies in merging the two companies together?

Writing Requirements

  • APA Format
  • 3-5 paragraphs in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
  • Use the APA template located under the Course Information tab to complete the assignment.

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