eBook: Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins

(View youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AynGBMUgdmg)

The film includes some examples of countries and the presidents who were assassinated because they refuse to surrender to the manipulations of American corporations, for instance:

  • Guatemala (1954), Guzman
  • Iran (1953), Mossadegh
  • Ecuador (1981), Aguilera
  • Panama (1981), Torrigos
  • Venezuela (2002), Javez
  • Iraq (2003), Sadam Hussein

Methods used:

  • Step One: Economic Hitman (corrupts the government by economic contract in favor of the corporation’s interest)
  • Step Two: Jackals (overthrow government or assassinate the president to replace him with a more obedient leader)
  • Step Three: Military action (preemptive war on behalf of war on terror, human rights, etc.)

Case study: Iraq and Sadam Husein

Important concepts:

Corporatocracy: objective is to maximize profits by all means regardless of human or environmental consequences

Behind corporatocracy is the “Empire’s leaders”. Corporatocracy controls the media, the politicians, through globalisation (public debts, bribery, corruption of politicians). Currency devaluation – resources available at cheaper prices – privatisation of State-owned enterprises (undercut local companies by foreign companies) – reducing social structures (health, education) – deregulations allowing sweat-shops exploiting the local people. All this increase the income gap between rich and poor countries (50% of national income served to paying their debts).

Interests in view: commodities (oil, opium, crops).

Actors in the Empire: Fed Reserve, World Bank, IMF, World Forum, CFR

Means: war on terror, watchlist on US and non-US citizens to control dissidents and preserve the establishment’s authority.

End results: World monopoly.

Questions by Author: how to stop it?

Look into the cause of all this phenomenon: the Fed Reserve, Money, Greed, Power Control.

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