Edu-news: New Course on starting on June 1, 2015

For Literature and Film lovers, this course is ideal as an introductory course to understanding Film theory, Film history, Film and Literature.

The course includes Literature reviews and Screening of the a list of films for discussions.

Here are some useful resources for studying this topic:

Understanding Film How to Read a Film: Movies, Media, and Beyond  James Monaco
Style & Technical Matter Film Style and Technology: History and Analysis,   Barry Salt. James Monaco
Film Theory Film Theory and Criticism Braudy and Cohen
Film History Film History: an Introduction (readings 11/18/22/24/26) Bordwell and Thompson
“History of American Cinema” Series   UCaliforniaP Musser /  Bower
Film and Literature Film and Literature: An Introduction and Reader Timothy Corrigan
The Cambridge Companion to Literature on Screen Cartmell and Whelehan
Adaptation and Appropriation Julie Sanders

Course Code: CERT.ENGLIT.001

Instructors: to be confirmed.

Start date: June 1st, 2015

Duration: 24 weeks.

To register:

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