Why write a thesis-2 ?

Dear fellow friends researchers,

Yesterday, I re-started my blog communication for year 2021, by re-visiting my motivation on WHY I decided to write a thesis, and WHAT I expected on the status of being called a “Doctor”.

I will continue to go down into the arcane of my minds at that stage – that was in 2012 – to remember exactly what was in my mind when I started to write my first outline (and got accepted).

I remember vividly my feeling on being totally “locked-down” from the outer world to be with MYSELF during a few days, while trying to put down the few pages before the deadline of November 2012, set by my French University.

I had chosen Paris-Est Creteil University (U-PEC.fr) for two reasons: the first one being that I love French literature, being myself French educated since age 2 or 3, and continuing to evolve myself in the French logical thinking with the tons of literature from French or French-related authors. So, the first choice was motivated by my own inclination to the French culture. The second reason that I chose a French doctoral degree was that the cost of investment, as compared to a anglo-saxon doctoral degree would save me some thirty to fourty thousand pounds for the same quality of education.

Furthermore, I had done some research and had signed up to an anglo-saxon typed of doctoral schools – namely the Swiss-UMEF University based in Geneva – for 2 years before I joined U-PEC.fr. What I learned from this pre-doctoral school was invaluable as it alllowed me to review my topics learning during my MBA studies. Topics such as Islamic Finance, International Economic Law, Strategic Management, Advanced Managerials Economics, Advance Studies in Finance and Investment, International Business and Communication, taught by reknowned professors prepared my backgroung for research methodology at the stage where I entered U-PEC.fr.

So, with hindsight, it was not easy to make a choice when you select a doctoral school, but when you finally choose your final destination, the real journey started and there was only one choice : to move ahead with the topic of choice. So, there I went, ready for my choice, with a French Doctorate on the topic of my choice: “Restructuring Vietnamese State-Owned Enterprises in transition Vietnam (1992-2012).

My first outline, sent out from my hotel room in Vung Tau by DHL to Paris was the first step to do that marked my journey of seven years, with ups- and downs, with joy and sorrow, but surely was worth the journey chosen.

In my next message, I will tell more…

Have a good day,

Anita H.

Published by Anita H.

Expert in Intercultural Communication, navigating between 4 cultures and 5 languages which I use daily for work and leisure. Author of blogs on wordpress and blogspot on SBI Training Solutions Projects: vietnamhoc, yourvietnamexpert, yourvietbooks, sbi-training.com.

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