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Business Education, Human Rights and Love

Yes, indeed, Human Rights should be the top priority in conducting business, and educating future leaders and business managers should aim to better the working conditions of the majority of mankind instead of serving only a few investors.

Reconnecting With Commonsense

“Our only aim is to find the path” Edgar Morin, Sociologist and Philosopher

Following and during the recent UN Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva there has been a lot of discussion about the role of different academic institutions in the education of business leaders.  This is a very important conversation if we consider the urgent need to ensure human rights are respected by everyone, everywhere, today.   A reasonable question might follow as to whether business students have, in general, even heard about the matters discussed in the Forum, the UN Guiding Principles, the many country National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights and/or the national and international legislation which is or may be on the way?

In my opinion, not enough attention has been paid by business schools to the vital  conversation on business and human rights underway in many countries and at every level…

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English-Vietnamese references

Giáo Trình Lịch Sử Thế Giới Hiện Đại – Phần III

References (Vietnamese)

  • Giáo Trình Lịch Sử Thế Giới Hiện Đại – Phần III: Việt Nam và Đông Nam Á trong xu thế hợp tác và hội nhập khu vực,Tran Thi Vinh,Danh sách tra cứu các thuật ngữ về Quan Hệ Quốc Tế (trang 321-328).
  • Lich su the gioi hien dai quyen II – Cold war – US-Soviet bi-polarity – Danh sách tra cứu các thuật ngữ về Quan Hệ Quốc Tế (trang 71-75). pp. 71-75, Editions NXB DHSP, Authors Tran Thi Vinh, Dinh Ngoc Bao, Le A, Do Thanh Binh, Vo Kim Cuong, Truong Vu Xuong (2008).

References (English)

  • Dictionary of International Relations, Penguin Reference, Graham Evans & Geoffrey Newnham (1998) – Ref. I
  • Hutchinson Dictionary of World History (1998) – Ref. II.

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General news and announcements on pre-MBA courses for Vietnamese Students starting 17 September 2017

Source: General news and announcements

General news and announcements

Source: General news and announcements

Learning Resources on

Hi All,

The page on learning resources is just a list of useful website addresses that helps you to research on topics such as History and Social Sciences, World languages and Cultures, Arts & Literature, Humanistic studies.

Here is a first few items which I have been working on:

  • English Literature: 200 most popular books in English literature you need to read.
  • German Literature, an Overview:
  • Asian Literature.Other useful links on Eastern Philosophers:
  • History: The History Matters Archive contains tens of thousands of pages of scanned reports, transcripts, and other documents, dozens of hours of audio, and a variety of photographic materials. It includes both old and new—from reports published in the 1960s to formerly-secret records declassified as recently as the year 2000.
  • Intercultural studies: YourVietBooks selection of books and articles on and about Vietnam. Categories include: Culture, History, Vietnam War, Politics, Biographies, Contemporary Vietnam, International Relations, Doing Business in Vietnam, Reference and Languages, Zen Buddhism, Philosophy, Art and Literature.
  • French Literature on Philosophy and Epistemology of Sciences:
  • Chinese philosophers: list on my research Blog on Epistemology and Research Methodology.
  • Mind in Indian Buddhist Philosophers:
  • Indian philosophers: The Complete Published Works 1933-1986 by Krishnamurti.
  • Vietnamese teachings in philosophy:
  • Philosophy of History:

Next week I will post more…

Have a nice weekend,

Anita H.