GO TO CLASS Easy Steps Instructions

Dear Participants, You may now proceed to the course you have been enrolled to. All enquiries relating to the course must be addressed to SBI Academic Support Team Email: contact@sbi-training.comSkype: anhtho.andres, join group ENG-4-MBA Go to CLASS Easy Steps Instructions 1. LOG IN Pagehttp://www.sbi-training.com.vn, create a new account (for newcomers) 2. SELECT YOUR COURSE forContinue reading “GO TO CLASS Easy Steps Instructions”

English-Vietnamese references

Giáo Trình Lịch Sử Thế Giới Hiện Đại – Phần III References (Vietnamese) Giáo Trình Lịch Sử Thế Giới Hiện Đại – Phần III: Việt Nam và Đông Nam Á trong xu thế hợp tác và hội nhập khu vực,Tran Thi Vinh,Danh sách tra cứu các thuật ngữ về Quan Hệ Quốc Tế (trang 321-328). LichContinue reading “English-Vietnamese references”

Learning Resources on sbi-training.com

Hi All, The page on learning resources is just a list of useful website addresses that helps you to research on topics such as History and Social Sciences, World languages and Cultures, Arts & Literature, Humanistic studies. Here is a first few items which I have been working on: English Literature: 200 most popular books inContinue reading “Learning Resources on sbi-training.com”

My week on Academia.edu

Some results on academia.edu on profile views, readers during May month on Anh Tho Andres profile page. Tips for researchers and academia on how to use socio-media to enhance visibility and connect with like-minded fellow researcher by Anita H.