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Dissertation Assignment #6

Marketing, What’s it all about? What does a Marketing Manager do? Why is Marketing Strategy Planning so important? What is the Marketing Mix? How to get the right customer? What is the use of Market Research?

Assignment question:  (3-5 pages – 1500 words).

Deadline for submission: View here.

1. Test your knowledge: Self-test quizzes on the topic of marketing.

2. Essentials of Marketing. Useful audio text on Introduction to Marketing: Essentials such as Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Segment Position. Marketing Research. Final Consumers and their Buying Behavior. Click here to listen to audio text.

3. Essentials of Marketing, a Marketing Strategy Planning Approach. Join the upcoming course on Essential of Marketing and get the Advanced Certificate in Marketing, to prepare for module 4:  Marketing in a Global Environment for of HEG EMBA Program, Click here for Student guide book. Useful links to study material.

Ebooks for Experts: Managerial books on

Managerial books on

A Future Perfect

John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge

Being Digital

Nicholas Negroponte


Robert C. Camp


Stan Davis

Capital réseaux

Don Tapscott, David Ticoll, Alex Lowy

Clicks and Mortar

David S. Pottruck, Terry Pearce


Adam M. Brandenburger, Barry J. Nalebuff

Competitive Advantage

Michael E. Porter

Competitive Strategy

Michael E. Porter

De la guerre

Karl von Clausewitz

Economie Des Machines Et Des Manufactures

Charles Babbage, Charles Pierre Lefebvre De Laboulaye

Hors de la crise

W. Edwards Deming

In Search of Excellence

Thomas J. Peters, Robert H. Waterman

Innovation et marketing


Juran’s Quality Handbook

Joseph A. DeFeo, J.M. Juran

La 3ème vague

Alvin Toffler

La fin du travail

Jeremy Rifkin

La Société en réseaux

Manuel Castells

La Stratégie de la valeur

Tom Copeland, Tim Koller

Le Génie du stratège

Kenichi Ohmae

Le manager minute

Ken Blanchard, Spencer Johnson

Le prince

Niccolò Machiavelli

Le Principe 80/20

Richard Koch

Le principe de Peter

Laurence J Peter, Raymond Hull

Le Reengineering

Michael Hammer, James Champy

Le tableau de bord prospectif

Robert-S Kaplan, David-P Norton

Leadership Dilemmas-Grid Solutions

Robert R. Blake, Anne Adams McCanse

Les Champions cachés de la performance

Hermann Simon, Philippe Albert, Michel Le Searc’h, Daniel F. Muzyka

Les lois de Parkinson

C. Northcote Parkinson

Managing in the Next Society

Peter F. Drucker

Marketing management

Philip Kotler, Kevin Keller, Bernard Dubois, Delphine Manceau


Naisbitt John

My Life and Work

Henry Ford

Priorité aux Priorités

Stephen Covey

Profession : leader

Warren Bennis

Real Time

Regis McKenna

Recherche sur la nature et les causes de la richesse des nations

Adam Smith, Philippe Jaudel, Emmanuel Blanc, Jean-Michel Servet

Safari en pays stratégie

Joseph Lampel, Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Ahlstrand

Seven Steps to Nirvana

Mohan Sawhney, Jeff Zabin

Shareholder Value

Alfred Rappaport

Tableau Oeconomique

Francois Quesnay

The Brand You 50

Tom Peters

The Cluetrain Manifesto

Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger

The Death of Competition

James F. Moore

The Economics Of Information Technology

Hal R. Varian, Joseph Farrell, Carl Shapir

The Knowing-Doing Gap

Jeffrey Pfeffer, Robert I. Sutton

The Motivation to Work

Frederick Herzberg

The Practice of Management

Peter F. Drucker

The Unwritten Rules of the Game

Peter Scott-Morgan

Traité des cinq roues

Musashi Miyamoto

Valeur sur le net

John Hagel, Marc Singer

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E-book: Winners never cheat

Winners Never Cheat: Even in Difficult Times, New and Expanded Edition [ebook] by Jon M. Huntsman (epub/mobi)

Author royalties from this book go to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation “The way Jon conducts his business and lives his life will not only inspire you to be a better person, citizen, and entrepreneur, it also will give you hope that the good guys don’t finish last.” Glenn Beck, CNN “Jon Huntsman is a different breed. He believes business is a creative endeavor, similar to a theater production, wherein integrity must be the central character.” Larry King, CNN “Jon Huntsman’s own life and personal values lend credence to his words. He walks his ethical talk.” Neil Cavuto, Fox News “This book could put me out of business. Nobody would be happier about it than me.” Wayne Reaud, Trial Attorney. The nationwide bestseller–fully updated for today’s tough times and worldwide financial crises “Everyone does it.” Everyone cheats. Cuts corners. Tells lies. Maybe it was different once. Not today. If you want to succeed in thiseconomic climate, you simply have to make compromises. Right? Wrong. You can succeed at the highest levels, without sacrificing the principles that make life worth living. The proof? You’re holding it. Jon M.Huntsman built a $12 billion company from scratch, the old-fashioned way: with integrity. There were short-term costs and difficult decisions. There were tough times. Times just like today. But ultimately, leading with integrity wasn’t just personally right for Huntsman, it also proved to be the best business strategy. In Winners Never Cheat, Huntsman tells you how he did it, and how you can, too. This book is about remembering why you work, and why you were chosen to lead. It’s about finding the bravery to act on what you know is right, no matter what you’re up against. It’s about winning. The right way. Think about the kind of person you want to do business with. Then, be that person–and use this book to get you there.

If you’re looking for success, read this book. If you’re wondering if you can be successful while staying true to your core principles, read this book. If you’re wondering, like so many are, if capitalism has a bright future, read this book. I have and it’s changed my life.
~ Glenn Beck

Source : Ebooks for Experts Brighter Mind. Brighter Future.

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[Ebook Tiếng Viêt] Chiến Tranh Tiền Tệ

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[Ebook Tiếng Viêt] Chiến Tranh Tiền Tệ.

Dissertaion assignment:

Looking for a volunteer (individual or group) to choose the topic as his final dissertation for the Eng4MBA class intake 01-14. Read this book and watch the series of youtube video I posted on my UBISONLINE class. under Banking and Finance.  Deadline for submission: December 15, 2014. Prof. Anh Tho  Andres,

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