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Message to users who registered between 27 October to 15 November 2014 for intake 02-14 starting on 25 November 2014. smiley_hello

We have received the admission documents and will proceed further for your full enrolmen with Please view update released on 22.11.2014. Thank you.

SBI Training Solutions

Dear Students,

This is to confirm that your pre-registration has been approved. Please consult our ID user listing updates to find locate your user ID.

To LOG-IN: username  sbitrainee.(your USER-ID) and password : SBItrainee1$£ (to change after log-in).

GO-TO-CLASS : You may now access to our e-College platform on


To receive an official letter of acceptance which allows you to transfer your earned credits to the MBA recommended by SBI Training Solutions program within a partnership with a local university in South East Asia, please make sure that you have uploaded the following documents on to your personal folder and signed up to different platform recommended by



1. Application Form with your full details and passport photo;
2. CV and diplomas and employment references;
3. IMPORTANT: Letter of Motivation stating the reasons why you choose the MBA;
4. Join SKYPE GROUP: ENG-4-MBA. Join anhtho.andres…

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ID Updates Status 21.10.2014

Cac ban da co user xin nhanh chong dang ky truoc khi he thong tu dong switch off sau 8 tuan. Xem trang check in cua de duoc huong dan.

SBI Training Solutions

Status No. Last Name,First Name
sbi 064 Nguyen  Hong Nga
sbi 035 Tran Thi Anh
sbi 235 Nguyen Thi Anh Thi
sbi 292 Nguyen Thi Bao Tran
sbi 321 Nguyen Thi Bao Yen
sbi 121 Huynh Thi Bich Chi
sbi 124 Le Thi Bich Tram
sbi 228 Tran Thi Diem Trinh
sbi 273 Le Thi Ha Phuong
sbi 291 Nguyen Thi Hai An
sbi 060 Nguyen Thi Hai Hang
sbi 060 Nguyen Thi Hai Hang
sbi 207 Huynh Thi Hai Yen
sbi 256 Phan Thi Hoai Diem
sbi 351 Ho Thi Hoai Duc
sbi 147 Ngo Thi Hong Duong
sbi 140 Vo Thi Hong Ha
sbi 131 Dinh Thi Hong Tham
sbi 193 Tran Thi Hue
sbi 345 Chu Thi Huong Giang
sbi 137 Vu Thi Huyen Thanh
sbi 348 Le Thi Huyen Trang
sbi 266 Le Thi Huyen_11
sbi 095 Tran Thi Kim Dao
sbi 120 Vo Thi Lan…

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Follow SBI-Training Blog confirmation

Message to all participants to the FREE English preparatory class starting on 15.10.2014.

The Final listing for intake 01-14 is now ready. We will not take any more registration for this class to allow members to organise the team work between members assigned to the same group, under the leadership of appointed group leaders.

KINDLY go to page

and click “like” to acknowledge receipt of this information.

All future communication must cite as reference your user-ID and group name.

We will not answer questions invidually as we want you to learn HOW THINGS WORK in a FOREIGN UNIVERSITY.

Thank you for your understanding,

SBI-Training Support Team.

Problem logging in

Dear All sbi-training users,

Due to the explosion of registration from over 400 new users, the system is now jammed up.

Kindly bear with us until the technical problem is solved.

In the meantime, you can access to this blog to start your first lesson. Kindly contact ME at to make sure that your message is received by my team.

Have a nice day.

Anh Tho Andres