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Business Education, Human Rights and Love

Yes, indeed, Human Rights should be the top priority in conducting business, and educating future leaders and business managers should aim to better the working conditions of the majority of mankind instead of serving only a few investors.

Reconnecting With Commonsense

“Our only aim is to find the path” Edgar Morin, Sociologist and Philosopher

Following and during the recent UN Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva there has been a lot of discussion about the role of different academic institutions in the education of business leaders.  This is a very important conversation if we consider the urgent need to ensure human rights are respected by everyone, everywhere, today.   A reasonable question might follow as to whether business students have, in general, even heard about the matters discussed in the Forum, the UN Guiding Principles, the many country National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights and/or the national and international legislation which is or may be on the way?

In my opinion, not enough attention has been paid by business schools to the vital  conversation on business and human rights underway in many countries and at every level…

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General news and announcements on pre-MBA courses for Vietnamese Students starting 17 September 2017

Source: General news and announcements

General news and announcements

Source: General news and announcements


If you want to know what are the cause of our world going toward catastrophe, follow this video by E. Griffith who warns us on the Masonic conspiracy. It is a long video but it is really worth listening to understanding and getting the conclusion for yourself.


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Interview d’Olivier Meier, professeur des Universités, directeur de recherche à Paris, auteur de Management interculturel.

I found this author who has the same vision in Intercultural Communication that I do, but he has brought it to a much higher level . Read this interview (in French). Cheers, ATA

Swiss Leadership & Management

mpOlivier Meier,professeur des Universités, directeur de recherche enseigne à l’Université Paris Est, Paris Dauphine et Science Po Paris. Il est l’auteur d’une vingtaine d’ouvrages et d’une soixantaine d’articles publiés dans de revues internationales de référence Ses travaux ont donné lieu à plusieurs prix et distinctions scientifiques. Son ouvrage Management interculturel, Management Sup, Dunod, qui en est déjà à sa 6e édition, 2016 (plus de 15 000 exemplaires vendus), est devenu  l’une des références francophones dans le domaine et touche aujourd’hui un large public.

J’en suis en tout cas, très heureux car ce livre signifie beaucoup pour moi, au regard de mon parcours et des enjeux et des thèmes traités dans cet ouvrage. Je pense en effet que…

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