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LinkedIN Postings

Hi All LinkedIn connections,
I am invited to start my first blog on LinkedIn and am delighted to do so.

The first series include 12 articles on the topic of “HOW I USE TECHNOLOGIES FOR MY RESEARCH ACTIVITIES. (Vietnamese translation available)

Read more on this link:

(Postings on Linked – Back to Square One, a New Turning Point by Anita Hoang)
1. A New Turning Point.

2. Count Your Blessings.

3. Get Organized.

4. Find The Right Audience.

5. Learn Smart – Use Technologies.

6. Encounters – Life is Exchange.

7. Know Thyself.

8. Pourquoi écrire? – Communicate.

9. Are we that different? Communicating across Cultures.

10. Perception – The World as We See It.

11. Know Your Potential – Coming Home.

12. The Right Path – Being Good.




  1. Phuong Hoang says:

    I cannot find your 10th article on this link [].

    Could you check it for us prof Anh Tho Andres? Thank you.

User-ID and ENG-4-MBA Group details requested for reply

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