Organization Theory

Source: Organization Theory Hi All, Today is my 2nd day of YEAR-60-Anhtho_Andres Era (!) Oh yes, I celebrated my 59th birthday yesterday, so in our Vietnamese culture, I am entering my 60th year cycle. As usual, I just wanted to jot down my “Balance Sheet” of the past year achievement, after having done my Profit-LossContinue reading “Organization Theory”

Call to Translators-to-be: selection of books on Responsible leadership

Call to all Vietnamese Translators-to-be Here are the list of books that need to be translated from English into Vietnamese. Timeline: Start Date: October 1st, 2015 – End Date: February 2016. Resources needed: Translators and Proofreaders fluent in English and Vietnamese. List of translations by priorities: Template for Vietnamese Translators Translation plan for Ethics inContinue reading “Call to Translators-to-be: selection of books on Responsible leadership”

Jobs for new translators – Book title: A Taste of Human Touch to be translated from Vietnamese into English

Hi All,  Yourvietbooks muốn tuyển chọn một số dịch giả xuất sắc để dịch tác phẩm từ tiếng Việt sang tiếng Anh với sự hướng dẫn của nhóm dịch giả yourvietbooks.  Sách có tựa đề là: Cho tình người chạm đến,  Author: Luật sư Lê Luân, Tựa tiếng Anh là: A Taste of Human Touch. Continue reading “Jobs for new translators – Book title: A Taste of Human Touch to be translated from Vietnamese into English”

Dissertation Assignment #3

Managing Conflict – Negotiation Skills – Interpersonal Skills. Question: What are Conflicts About? What Approaches to Conflict do you recommend? How to Handle Conflicts Constructively? How to negotiate Peace? Assignment of 1200-1500 words based on the recommended readings below. Deadline: extended to 31 December 2014 for intake 01-14; 31 January 2015 for intake 02-14. Readings on ConflictContinue reading “Dissertation Assignment #3”

Dissertation Assignment #5

Dissertation Question: Choose 4 out of these 24 questions and state your viewpoint. Course on Corporate Social Responsibility by Anh Tho Andres, click here Read my series on BE GOOD on LinkedIN View the Dalai Lama’s recommendation on Compassionate Ethics on Difficult Times. Click here. CSR topics on Learn with YouTube: Click here Length: aboutContinue reading “Dissertation Assignment #5”