Dissertation topics revisited

Prepared by Prof. Anh Tho  Andres, Dr Nguyen Huu Than. Instructions: Please choose the topic for your final dissertation for the Eng-4-MBA English Preparatory Class by week 8 of the course. 1. Topic one: Banking and Finance. Dissertation Assignment #1 Review course material on the topic available under sbi-training.com e-College. Watch the Learn with You Tube series ofContinue reading “Dissertation topics revisited”

Admission Docs received – Status 21.11.2014

Status No. Last Name First Name checked/id tagged doc rec. 308 Nguyen Anh 21.11 doc rec. 212 Bach Thi Ngoc Anh 21.11 doc rec. 110 Bui Anh Tu 21.11 doc rec. 544 Bui Manh Cuong 21.11 doc rec. 380 Bui Thuy Duong 21.11 doc rec. 406 Dao Dang Quoc Viet 21.11 doc rec. 047 DaoContinue reading “Admission Docs received – Status 21.11.2014”

Dissertation Assignment #1

CONSPIRACY THEORIES : Who Believes Them, and Why? How Can You Determine if They are True or False? Assignment question: What is a conspiracy theory, why do people believe in them, and why do they tend to proliferate? Why does belief in one conspiracy correlate to belief in others? What are the triggers of belief,Continue reading “Dissertation Assignment #1”