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My week on

Message to All followers on our blog, and related Facebook pages…

Since a certain time, this blog has gone viral, and I received around 100 news subsribers through various channels. Thank you for your interest and support.

Though I have shared some tips through my research experience through the series “BTSO, A New Turning Point” posted on my personal page on LinkedIn, I noticed that upon joining as a “paid” subscriber, I got more from the analytics features on profile views.

For the last 30 days, here is a snapshot of the traffic overview of my profile : increase in Profile Views + 4,400%; increase in document views +1,117%; increase in unique visitors +900%. This means 45 profile views, 73 document views, and 60 visitors.

All those results are just not due to “luck” or “marketing gicks”. It is a pure result of hard work.

Indeed, I have started uploaded my papers on International Business, International Marketing, Organisational Behavior, Cultural Diversity, Strategic Management,  Introducation to Finance, and some of my working-in-progress (WIP) research for my book “Back to Square One”.

For the past three weeks, I am thrilled to received notifications from on visitors’ views and downloads of my articles. The “hottest” topic that attracted so many views is on a paper submitted in class on “international organisations and international relations” for my DBA studies at UMEF University. Wow, within one week, this paper is rank among the top 10 search results among over 55’000’000 papers. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Well, I am not trying to boast on my work, my story of this week is just to encourage you to do the same as I have always done as a researcher: work hard, work hard, and keep on trying.

Good luck!

Anita H.


Dissertation Assignment #5

Dissertation Question: Choose 4 out of these 24 questions and state your viewpoint.
  • Course on Corporate Social Responsibility by Anh Tho Andres, click here
  • Read my series on BE GOOD on LinkedIN
  • View the Dalai Lama’s recommendation on Compassionate Ethics on Difficult Times. Click here.
  • CSR topics on Learn with YouTube: Click here
Length: about 300 words (One A4 page for each question answered)
Deadline: extended to 31 December for 01-14 and 31January 2014 for 02-14
1.   What historical trends have affected the social responsibilities of business? How have recent scandals affected the business climate, including any changes in responsibilities and expectations?
2.    Consider the role that various business disciplines, including marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources, have in social responsibility. What specific views and philosophies do these different disciplines bring to the implementation of social responsibility?
3.      How do legitimacy, urgency, and power attributes positively and negatively affect a stakeholder’s ability to develop relationships with organizations?
4.      What is reputation management? Explain why companies are concerned about their reputation and its effects on stakeholders. What are the four elements of reputation management? Why is it important to manage these elements?
5.      What role does executive compensation play in risk-taking and accountability? Why do some people partially blame compensation for the failures of the subprime mortgage and financial industries in 2008-2009?
6.   Why are internal controls and risk management important in corporate governance? Describe three approaches organizations may take to managing risk.
7.   How do political action committees influence society, and what is their appropriate role in a democratic society?
8.  Why should an organization implement the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO) as a strategic approach for legal compliance?
9.    What are the potential benefits of an emphasis on procedural justice?
10. Why are we seeing more evidence of widespread ethical dilemmas within organizations?
11.  What is a code of conduct and how can a code be communicated effectively to employees?
12.  What role does leadership play in influencing organizational behavior?
13.  Describe the differences between workplace diversity and equal employment opportunity. How do these differences affect managerial responsibilities and the development of social responsibility programs?
14. Why are organizations developing work-life programs? What trends have contributed to these programs?
15. How can companies strive for successful relationships with consumers, including meeting their economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic expectations?
16. How will consumer rights and activism change over the next decade? Will the movement strengthen or decline? Why?
17. What role does top management play in developing and implementing a strategic philanthropy approach?
18. Describe the four-stage process for planning and implementing strategic philanthropy.
19. Many people believe that the government should regulate business with respect to privacy online, but companies say self-regulation is more appropriate. Which approach would most benefit consumers most? Business?
20. How can a strategic technology assessment help a company?
21. Think of instances of greenwashing that you have encountered. What is the harm of greenwashing?
22. What federal laws seem to have the greatest impact on business efforts to be environmentally responsible?
23. How can organizations create stronger engagement with employees? What would be the effects on social responsibility? How would social responsibility affect engagement?
24. What is national competitiveness? Describe the ways in which the three drivers of the Responsible Competitiveness Index (RCI) affect business and vice versa.

Dissertation Assignment #6

Marketing, What’s it all about? What does a Marketing Manager do? Why is Marketing Strategy Planning so important? What is the Marketing Mix? How to get the right customer? What is the use of Market Research?

Assignment question:  (3-5 pages – 1500 words).

Deadline for submission: View here.

1. Test your knowledge: Self-test quizzes on the topic of marketing.

2. Essentials of Marketing. Useful audio text on Introduction to Marketing: Essentials such as Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Segment Position. Marketing Research. Final Consumers and their Buying Behavior. Click here to listen to audio text.

3. Essentials of Marketing, a Marketing Strategy Planning Approach. Join the upcoming course on Essential of Marketing and get the Advanced Certificate in Marketing, to prepare for module 4:  Marketing in a Global Environment for of HEG EMBA Program, Click here for Student guide book. Useful links to study material.

Conspiracy theory

Dissertation on Conspiracy Theories, Submitted by Hoang Gogniat #A-059. See my comments on her blog post. Have a nice day! Prof Anh Tho Andres.

Burning desire

images (1)
What is conspiracy theory?

Kent psychologists, Michael J. Wood, Karen M.Douglas, and Robbie M. Sutton stated that conspiracy theory is “ a proposed plot by powerful people or organizations working together in secret to accomplish some (unusually sinister) goal”.

To others, Conspiracy Theory is a term that originally was a neutral descriptor for any claim of civil, criminal or political conspiracy.

At the beginning, Conspiracy Theory might come from cold war, politics, world wars.

This happened in the past a lot, say World War I and World War II, Cold War, each country has its own storyline accordingly. In Vietnam, we had heard a lot about the former government and the present one are still fighting to each other and each has its own speech to protect the party’s right. Continuously, we don’t know how and until when this fight will be ended.

And the story of Vietnam-Chinese, sometimes it’s not…

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