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Some results on on profile views, readers during May month on Anh Tho Andres profile page. Tips for researchers and academia on how to use socio-media to enhance visibility and connect with like-minded fellow researcher by Anita H.

Dissertation Assignment #5

Dissertation Question: Choose 4 out of these 24 questions and state your viewpoint. Course on Corporate Social Responsibility by Anh Tho Andres, click here Read my series on BE GOOD on LinkedIN View the Dalai Lama’s recommendation on Compassionate Ethics on Difficult Times. Click here. CSR topics on Learn with YouTube: Click here Length: aboutContinue reading “Dissertation Assignment #5”

Dissertation Assignment #6

Marketing, What’s it all about? What does a Marketing Manager do? Why is Marketing Strategy Planning so important? What is the Marketing Mix? How to get the right customer? What is the use of Market Research? Assignment question:  (3-5 pages – 1500 words). Deadline for submission: View here. 1. Test your knowledge: Self-test quizzes on theContinue reading “Dissertation Assignment #6”

Conspiracy theory

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What is conspiracy theory? Kent psychologists, Michael J. Wood, Karen M.Douglas, and Robbie M. Sutton stated that conspiracy theory is “ a proposed plot by powerful people or organizations working together in secret to accomplish some (unusually sinister) goal”. To others, Conspiracy Theory is a term that originally was a…