eBook translations of books on US Politics, US Economy

Hi All, Here is the list of books which I compiled for my own research on my own Alezaa eBookstore. 263.1 Dreams from my father – Bi quyet thanh cong cua OBAMA, http://alezaa.com/me/ebooks2.php?id=urn:uuid:c592a71f-c1d4-4f8a-826f-13d008c0e53d 263.2 Living History – Hoi ky Hillary Clinton, http://alezaa.com/me/ebooks2.php?id=urn:uuid:15c63ed3-caa7-4356-982d-d7e6bbe10b18 263.3 Profiles in Courage – Kennedy Ho So Quyen Luc, http://alezaa.com/me/ebooks2.php?id=urn:uuid:425898ac-c56a-46bb-82df-d5f555574027 263.4 PortraitContinue reading “eBook translations of books on US Politics, US Economy”