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Study Opportunities in Holland

Financing your studies

Dutch higher education is subsidised and tuition fees are relatively low. There are many sources of funding available to you for studying in Holland.

Tuition fees

Annual tuition fees for a degree programme or course at a Dutch higher education institution start at approximately €1,950 for EU students. The costs of programmes and courses for non-EU students are generally higher. The average tuition fee for them for bachelor’s programmes lies between €6,000 and €15,000, whereas the costs for a master’s programme lie between €8,000 and €20,000.

Exchange programmes

Before you start searching for scholarships check if your institution has an exchange programme with a Dutch institution. This is the easiest and cheapest way to study in Holland.

As an exchange student from an EU country, you may be eligible to receive student financial support from your home country while you’re studying in Holland.

Some countries give their students financial support when they enrol in regular degree programmes abroad, either directly (in the form of a monthly grant or loan) or indirectly, through tax benefits for your parents.

Contact the international office of your university to check which options are available to you.


Our online search engine Grantfinder gives you a complete overview of all scholarships available for studying in Holland.

Visit Grantfinder to find out which scholarships are available for you

Scholarships administered by EP-Nuffic

Grantfinder also contains a number of scholarship programmes that are administered by EP-Nuffic.

(Info in Vietnamese:

Edu-News: Greetings from European University, Geneva!

Greetings from Geneva!

In my effort to select good schools for our ENG-4-MBA community, here is a good address for you to consider: The EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY of GENEVA.

The School main campuses are located in Geneva, Montreux, Barcelona, and Munich. Students may choose

MBA programs include the following majors: International Business, International Marketing, Global Banking & Finance, Leisure and Tourism Management, among others. Duration of the program is one year.

Students can choose between the main campuses for each of the 3 terms, starting on October, January and March.

I would like to share our latest publication “EU Alumni Stories” (open pdf file)– featuring our alumni around the world who have gone on to establish companies, lead businesses and become successful in doing what they are passionate about.

Hopefully, their entrepreneurial spirit and success stories will serve to inspire you in your choice of the MBA studies.

For more information on courses offered, please visit the website of European University, Quai du Seujet 18, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland, or Contact our Academic Consultant, Mrs Anh Tho Andres at

Dissertation Assignment #3

Managing Conflict – Negotiation Skills – Interpersonal Skills.


  • What are Conflicts About? What Approaches to Conflict do you recommend? How to Handle Conflicts Constructively? How to negotiate Peace?
  • Assignment of 1200-1500 words based on the recommended readings below.
  • Deadline: extended to 31 December 2014 for intake 01-14; 31 January 2015 for intake 02-14.

Readings on Conflict and Conflict Management

  • ‘The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defence’ – provides a method of using words to deal with conflict situations;
  • ‘Work 911’, provides over 1000 articles organised into categories of communication, anger management, work-related issues, and stress.
  • ‘Workplace Solutions’ is a chock-full resources and links to articles that deal with conflict resolution and reducing violence in the workplace. 
  • The International Association for Conflict Management, brings scholars and practitioners together to study and develop conflict management skills in many settings. Find links to articles, research, and more organisations.

Other courses by Anh Tho Andres on Communication Skills, click here.

Du học Singapore – Văn hóa giao tiếp, ứng xử khi gặp người dân Singapore

Nên tránh bàn tới sự được mất, chính trị, chủng tộc hay tôn giáo trong giao tiếp ở Singapore. Khi nói chuyện và trong giao tiếp, người ta tuyệt đối cấm kỵ bàn luận sự được mất và chính trị hoặc sự tranh giành xô xát chủng tộc, thị phi tôn giáo…. nhưng có thể bàn những kinh nghiệm du lịch, cũng có thể về những nơi nổi tiếng, ở các nơi mà bản thân đã đi qua. Chủ đề được người dân Singapore bàn tới nhiều nhất là về những món ăn sơn hào hải vị và khách sạn, nhà hàng.

Học MBA Online

Du học Singapore – Singapore là đất nước có nền văn hóa vô cùng đa dạng. Là một xã hội đa sắc tộc, là ngôi nhà chung trong đó nhiều cộng đồng với văn hóa và tín ngưỡng khác nhau cùng chung sống hòa hợp. Ngoài ra, văn hóa Singapore còn có nhiều nét tương đồng với Việt Nam.

Đây là một đất nước giữ gìn môi trường rất tốt vì thế đừng vứt rác vừa bãi và chỉ ở một số ít nơi có biển báo bạn mới được hút thuốc lá. Đến các đền chùa nên mặc trang phục lịch sự, đến đền thờ Ấn Độ giáo và Hồi giáo hãy cởi bỏ giầy dép bên ngoài.

Văn hoá giao tiếp

Để có thể thực sự hòa hợp và thành công tại Singapore, bạn nên hiểu về các phong tục tập quán của người Singapore. Ở Singapore…

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Obama Administration Announces Final Rules to Protect Students from Poor-Performing Career College Programs

tin lien quan den dao tao tai My.

Full Text Reports...

Obama Administration Announces Final Rules to Protect Students from Poor-Performing Career College Programs
Source: U.S. Department of Education

To protect students at career colleges from becoming burdened by student loan debt they cannot repay, today the U.S. Department of Education is announcing regulations to ensure that these institutions improve their outcomes for students—or risk losing access to federal student aid. These regulations will hold career training programs accountable for putting their students on the path to success, and they complement action across the Administration to protect consumers and prevent and investigate fraud, waste and abuse, particularly at for-profit colleges.

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