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Dissertation Assignment #1

CONSPIRACY THEORIES : Who Believes Them, and Why? How Can You Determine if They are True or False?

Assignment question: What is a conspiracy theory, why do people believe in them, and why do they tend to proliferate? Why does belief in one conspiracy correlate to belief in others? What are the triggers of belief, and how does group identity factor into it? How can one tell the difference between a true conspiracy and a false one? (3-5 pages – 1500 words).

Deadline for submission: View here.

1. Conspiracy Theories:   Who Believes Them, and Why? How Can You Determine if They are True or False? For the answers, download this free booklet, created by Michael Shermer and Pat Linse, the founders of Skeptic magazine and your Skeptics Society.

2. Rothschild Conspiracy Theory: View this documentary on The family of Trillionaires and the Rothschild Conspiracy (Full Documentary)

3. Conspiracy Theory on Currency War. Read the eBook in Vietnamese: Chiến Tranh Tiền Tệ, link to page to understand more on the topic and the authors on Currency War. Userful links to download pdf.



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