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My week on

Message to All followers on our blog, and related Facebook pages…

Since a certain time, this blog has gone viral, and I received around 100 news subsribers through various channels. Thank you for your interest and support.

Though I have shared some tips through my research experience through the series “BTSO, A New Turning Point” posted on my personal page on LinkedIn, I noticed that upon joining as a “paid” subscriber, I got more from the analytics features on profile views.

For the last 30 days, here is a snapshot of the traffic overview of my profile : increase in Profile Views + 4,400%; increase in document views +1,117%; increase in unique visitors +900%. This means 45 profile views, 73 document views, and 60 visitors.

All those results are just not due to “luck” or “marketing gicks”. It is a pure result of hard work.

Indeed, I have started uploaded my papers on International Business, International Marketing, Organisational Behavior, Cultural Diversity, Strategic Management,  Introducation to Finance, and some of my working-in-progress (WIP) research for my book “Back to Square One”.

For the past three weeks, I am thrilled to received notifications from on visitors’ views and downloads of my articles. The “hottest” topic that attracted so many views is on a paper submitted in class on “international organisations and international relations” for my DBA studies at UMEF University. Wow, within one week, this paper is rank among the top 10 search results among over 55’000’000 papers. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Well, I am not trying to boast on my work, my story of this week is just to encourage you to do the same as I have always done as a researcher: work hard, work hard, and keep on trying.

Good luck!

Anita H.


Leadership, Culture and Entrepreneurship

Hi All,

I found an interesting article on Leadership, Culture and Entrepreneurship, and am sharing it with you here.


Smart entrepreneurs start with customers, their requirements and what represents the greatest value
for them and is most likely to result in purchases, whether due to availability, speed, price or acombination of various factors. A customer may just want the product or brand and he or she maybe indifferent as to the attitudes, beliefs and values of who is supplying it. How many prospectswould buy an inferior or more expensive alternative just because someone employed by the supplierhappened to have certain cultural characteristics? As Milton Friedman (1962) pointed out whenselecting the best tomatoes customers may not discriminate for or against their growers.
Read the full article* under this link.

Publication Reference*

This article appears in the June 2015 issue of the IUP Quarterly Journal Effective Executive

Colin Coulson-Thomas (2015), Leadership, Culture and Entrepreneurship,  Effective Executive, Vol.XVIII No. 2, June, pp 19-28
For me, leadership is key to success in an Entrepreneurial project. Without the leader, and his vision, the project is doomed to fail. But without customers feedback, there is no testing ground for further improvement. Therefore, the relationship between product and client’s value is very important. The rest of marketing mix depends on the competition and conditions applicable to each market
Hope it helps,
Cô Anh Tho