Why write a thesis-5?

Yes, as your perception of life grows, you will also find out that “All” is impermanence due to ignorance, based on greed and hatred, according to the Buddha teachings…. But, while sitting on the shores of Vung Tau Front Beach on that day of Nov 2012, my mind was not ready to accept that eternalContinue reading “Why write a thesis-5?”

Why write a thesis-3?

Dear fellow friends researchers, Thank you for my fist blog followers of year 2021. Hope that this year will be bring more positive impact than last year… On a personal perspective, it should, as it cannot be worse than before, as I have been, and will always be a positive person… I just need toContinue reading “Why write a thesis-3?”

Why write a thesis?

Dear All After a short break and enjoying my “status” as a Doctor Degree holder, I am now starting the reverse engineering of thinking “HOW” I have managed to get to this point. Oh, some would say “it’s no big deal…”, but I can assure you that intellectual work is NOT a “NO BIG DEAL”Continue reading “Why write a thesis?”