GO TO CLASS Easy Steps Instructions

Dear Participants, You may now proceed to the course you have been enrolled to. All enquiries relating to the course must be addressed to SBI Academic Support Team Email: contact@sbi-training.comSkype: anhtho.andres, join group ENG-4-MBA Go to CLASS Easy Steps Instructions 1. LOG IN Pagehttp://www.sbi-training.com.vn, create a new account (for newcomers) 2. SELECT YOUR COURSE forContinue reading “GO TO CLASS Easy Steps Instructions”

Conference: IDEAcon 2021

Conference: IDEAcon 2021 (Feb 1-24, 2021)IDEAcon is a teaching and learning conference from February 1-24, 2021, hosted by the Illinois Digital Educators Alliance. This conference attracts educators, educational leaders, and pre-service teachers from PK to higher ed in an exploration of pedagogical strategies and resources connected to instructional technology. This year, IDEAcon offers more than threeContinue reading “Conference: IDEAcon 2021”

My week on Academia.edu

Some results on academia.edu on profile views, readers during May month on Anh Tho Andres profile page. Tips for researchers and academia on how to use socio-media to enhance visibility and connect with like-minded fellow researcher by Anita H.

British Literature and Film: List of recommended films

Here is the list of films to be viewed during the Course on British Literature and Film, starting on June 1, 2015 with SBI-Training.com. You may view these films and recommended readings under the links I have found for your convenience. Year Title Authors 1957 Akira Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood (1957). Akira Kurosawa 2011 10.1 AndreaContinue reading “British Literature and Film: List of recommended films”

Dissertation Assignment #4

Dissertation Assignment Question: Environment in Human Resource Management 1.         Your company, a growing firm in the financial services industry, is extremely sensitive to the issues surrounding business ethics. The company wants to be proactive in developing a business ethics training program for all employees both to ensure the company’s reputation as an ethical company in theContinue reading “Dissertation Assignment #4”