Edu-news: Best international schools in Vietnam

Hi All, I just discovered this page “International School Advisor” that gives insight on what parents, pupils and teachers really think about the schools you are considering. Take a look at the list of 20 best internationl schools in Hanoi – the capital city (located in the Northern part of the country – , andContinue reading “Edu-news: Best international schools in Vietnam”

Edu-news: Research on Food Security

Columbia World Projects‘ first project, Adapting Agriculture to Climate Today, for Tomorrow (ACToday), aims to combat hunger and improve food security by increasing climate knowledge in six countries that are particularly dependent on agriculture and vulnerable to the effects of climate change and fluctuations ⁠—Ethiopia, Senegal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Colombia, and Guatemala. The project is ledContinue reading “Edu-news: Research on Food Security”

My week on

Some results on on profile views, readers during May month on Anh Tho Andres profile page. Tips for researchers and academia on how to use socio-media to enhance visibility and connect with like-minded fellow researcher by Anita H.

Theorizing Culture vs. Knowing Văn Hóa

Originally posted on Le Minh Khai's SEAsian History Blog (+ More):
I’ve written before about how the concept of “identity” is understood in radically different ways in Vietnam and in certain places outside of Vietnam. I’ve recently come to realize that the same phenomenon applies to the concept of “culture” (văn hóa), and I came…

Visit of Mr Michel Guilmault, Marketing Director of INSEEC Alpes-Savoie, to Vietnam

Visit of Mr Michel Guilmault, Marketing Director of INSEEC Alpes-Savoie, to Vietnam Hanoi and HCMC, Photos taken on 26 November 2014 Click here to view List of programs offered to Vietnamese Students. INSEEC Representative in Vietnam: SBI Training Solutions,, Skype: anhtho.andres A view of INSEEC Campus Visit INSEEC on Facebook