GO TO CLASS Easy Steps Instructions

Dear Participants, You may now proceed to the course you have been enrolled to. All enquiries relating to the course must be addressed to SBI Academic Support Team Email: contact@sbi-training.comSkype: anhtho.andres, join group ENG-4-MBA Go to CLASS Easy Steps Instructions 1. LOG IN Pagehttp://www.sbi-training.com.vn, create a new account (for newcomers) 2. SELECT YOUR COURSE forContinue reading “GO TO CLASS Easy Steps Instructions”

Study Opportunities in Holland

Financing your studies Dutch higher education is subsidised and tuition fees are relatively low. There are many sources of funding available to you for studying in Holland. Tuition fees Annual tuition fees for a degree programme or course at a Dutch higher education institution start at approximately €1,950 for EU students. The costs of programmesContinue reading “Study Opportunities in Holland”

Dissertation topics revisited

Prepared by Prof. Anh Tho  Andres, Dr Nguyen Huu Than. Instructions: Please choose the topic for your final dissertation for the Eng-4-MBA English Preparatory Class by week 8 of the course. 1. Topic one: Banking and Finance. Dissertation Assignment #1 Review course material on the topic available under sbi-training.com e-College. Watch the Learn with You Tube series ofContinue reading “Dissertation topics revisited”

Dissertation Assignment #4

Dissertation Assignment Question: Environment in Human Resource Management 1.         Your company, a growing firm in the financial services industry, is extremely sensitive to the issues surrounding business ethics. The company wants to be proactive in developing a business ethics training program for all employees both to ensure the company’s reputation as an ethical company in theContinue reading “Dissertation Assignment #4”

Back to Square One

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Gửi những người bạn cũ và mới trên LinkedIN, Bài mở đầu ngày hôm qua của tôi đã được 69 người xem và nhận được 2 email gửi đến hộp thư cá nhân. Thật đáng vui mừng phải ko? Tôi còn nhớ cách đây vài năm khi tôi lần đầu viết blog trên trang…